Make it Ours

How it’s Going: End Week 2

This new year I have been trying something different. I made resolutions that would feel my heart more so than my ego and committed to living those resolutions a little everyday rather than pushing hard for two months and giving up. To keep a daily journal where I will write and doodle in it everyday.… Continue reading How it’s Going: End Week 2

Commit to a Plan

Hopefully last week’s post got you thinking of more personal goals that will feed your heart. This week we will explore how to turn those goals into a plan. Step 1 – Sacrifice Before we begin to make a plan we need to be honest about how much work we will be willing and able… Continue reading Commit to a Plan

Episode 1 – Make it Yours

Episode 1 – Make Your Goals Yours Too much of my life is being driven by other people’s choices; My job, my parents (when do you become too old for your parents to tell you what to do?), and general societal pressures to dress appropriately for every occasion and clean the bathroom before you have… Continue reading Episode 1 – Make it Yours

Make it Ours

I am making this year mine! Instead of money and success, I am going to focus more on personal pleasures. My “Make it Ours” series is guide to help me put me and what I want back into my life. Join me!

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