About Me

Here’s what you need to know…

I am lost underneath layers and layers of obligations and probabilities. I am starting this blog to dig into all the ”what ifs” I abandoned and pull out a dream into reality. This life I live, it is a comfortable life but I didn’t choose it and wouldn’t choose it again if I had a choice. I was groomed into wanting it and I have worked hard for it. I worked so hard it feels crazy for wanting anything different.

Do you remember a time when you wanted something without any explanation other than something inside you leaped at the idea of it? The life I was given stopped having time for drawing before I left elementary school and not a few years later filled my library with school mandated books and none of my own. You don’t have to keep something just because you’ve put in so much effort to have it.

In this blog you will find fiction, art, and honesty…  all in an effort to make this life mine again. I want to do, and to encourage you to do as well. Whatever you want. Stop, do not think about all the other things you have to do or should be doing. Give yourself a day, an hour, 20 minutes. There is still time to make this life ours if we want it.

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